Narrow fabrics producer

Company Pasanil produces it’s articles since 1921. In the beginning as Danziger Heubude Gummiband-Weberei, the company produced elastic tapes for clothing, shoes and furniture. It was destroyed during the World War II and rebuilt shortly after and as Fabryka Taśm Gumowych PARA it continued the production. In 2000 the company already named Pasanil was privatized and transformed into a private limited company.

Today the company employs around 50 people and is still located in the same place in Gdańsk, in north of Poland, where production also takes place. Pasanil is mostly associated with  its wide offer of braided, woven and knitted elastic tapes. Our products are famous for high quality, they have excellent technical parameters and esthetic look. Aside from producing articles for clothing industry, the company also produces elastic and non-elastic netting for food – (meat, cheeses and fish) as well as isolation products – isolation sleevings, tapes and cords made of polyester cotton or fiberglass. We have our own dyeing department. Thanks to it we can offer our products in the color You need.

Tapes for many branches

We produce many types of narrow fabrics, both elastic and non-elastic. They can be used in many industries. We can adjust their parameters according to your requirements.



Our netting can be used for during smoking of many food products such as: meat, cheeses and fish. They have certificate of National Institute Of Public Health in Poland.


Isolation products

In our offer we have isolation products made of fiberglass, polyester, cotton or other materials.  We can manufacture from them, isolation sleevings, tapes or cords.


Cords and decorative elements

We are also producer of cords and decorative elements. Available are many colors and models




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Our company has its own dyeing department so that we can offer our products in many colors and also offer our clients dyeing services.