Elastic tapes produced by Pasanil are well known for their high quality. We produce them for almost 100 years and the quality of the products was always our number one priority. In our offer we have woven, knitted and braided elastic tapes, they are used as rubber for clothing and shoes as well as tapes for furniture, or medical equipment. Our tapes perform well wherever good quality is required, they keep their parameters even during extensive use. They are available in many colors, widths and textures. We can also adjust the stretch ability of the rubber so that it meets your needs.

In our offer we have a wide range of various non-elastic tapes. We make them of polyester, polyamide, polypropylene, cotton or we use a mix of yarns. The tapes can be produced using different methods – weaving, knitting or braiding. We offer them in many colors and widths. Thanks to the fact that they are produced in our headquarters we have direct control over the production process and quality. It ensures that the product you receive matches your demands. Our tapes can be used in many products as: bags, bagpacks, tents, umbrellas, flags and many others.

We are a producer of food netting for meat, cheeses and fish. We produce many types of netting, with various meshes, widths, stretch, color and thickness of the rubber and warp threads. All our nets have Certificate Of Health Quality issued by National Institute Of Public Health which enables them to contact with food. Our food netting is easy to take off and helps to form the food in a proper way. We can adapt its look to emphasize the image of a ready food product in the shop.

We produce various isolation products incl. isolation sleeving. It has different parameters depending on the yarn used.  Polyester sleeving shrinks around the cable in higher temperature providing its tighter cover. It can withhold temperatures up to 170 o C. Fiberglass sleeving has excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. It is immune to aging process and to atmospheric conditions. They are inflammable and resists temperatures up to 440 o C. Additionally we produce also fiberglass tapes and cords, polyester tapes, and isolation cotton tapes.

We also produce many types of cords. They can be used in various ways, from decoration to industrial usage. We produce also braided cables, different materials and colors are possible.

In our offer we also have decorative elements. Fringes, tapes and cords in many colors and types that will emphasize the look of any furniture. We produce also fringes for banners and flags in different colors and widths.

In our offer we have also linen bands and cords made of natural linen yarn. These products have good peeling and stretch resistance. They are dirt proof and are easy to wash. Linen accessories do not pick up static. Thanks to their moisture absorption they seem always cool and fresh to the touch. They are impervious to bacteria and fungus and are anti-allergic.

Thanks to its properties, linen accessories can be successfully used in production of clothes and technical tapes or cords. Linen bands can be produced in widths from 25 to 60 mm, linen cords can be 4, 6 and 8 mm in diameter.

We offer elastic tapes and cords for medical masks. Flat tapes are in widths 4-5 mm whereas round elastics are in 3 mm diameter. The round elastic works perfectly with automated mask production lines that weld the elastic with ultrasonic waves. The elastics are made of polyester and spandex or nylon and spandex. They stretch nicely and are good for skin contact.